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Re: [IP] treatment stopped diabetes

Too bad you couldn't find out what she had done. That sounds pretty 
unbelievable. Hope there is someone else out there who can enlighten us?

Sue (dalgal)

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From: Linda Bork <email @ redacted>

Subject: [IP] treatment stopped diabetes
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 12:34:36 -0800 (PST)

On New Year's Eve, my waitress was a 20 year old diabetic who took insulin 
for 2 years, when first
diagnosed at age 18, but who does not need insulin any longer.  She told me 
she had 'pancreatic
treatments' that reversed the diabetes!  She has had several treatments, 
originally 3 months
apart, but now 6 months apart.
I was fascinated, and wanted to know more, but she couldn't talk any longer 
because she was
I don't know if this treatment was experimental or if it is standard with 
newly diagnosed
Maybe a cure is not that far away...at least for those who are diagnosed 
before their pancreas
quits completely.....


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