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Re: [IP] Square Wave Bolus

The square wave bolus is an additional amount of insulin that should be taken 
over an extended period of time.  The way I remember catching on to the 
concept was sorta like setting a higher temporary bolus for a short while.  
The advantage of using the square wave bolus instead of setting the higher 
temporary bolus would be if your normal bolus rates would change during the 
time frame.  The square wave ADDS to the existing basal rates.  The temporary 
bolus REPLACES the existing basal rates.

It is used primarily to cover high fat meals.  See your CDE or your dietitian 
and they will be able to tell you how to use it.  The doctor I had when I 
first got the 507c told me if the meal had more than 25 gr. of fat, calculate 
the carbs less the fiber then calculate the insulin to cover the carbs.  Next 
take 2/3 of the insulin NOW and 1/3 square waved over 3 hours.

My new doctor says take all of the insulin NOW and set an additional square 
wave bolus of 0.6 to be released over 3 hours.  

Weird but I kindof use a mix of the two!

Ask your personal "team" for their advice!

Cee Dee
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