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Re: [IP] high postprandial blood sugars


Please ask your daughter's endo before you would try this!!!!

I went on the CBGM because we both knew I was having some problems.  Seems 
like anytime I ate breakfast cereal (it didn't matter if it was rice krispies 
or if it was Sugar smacks) I knew that my blood sugar went up.  After 
adjusting my high blood sugars I still felt awful most of the day.  I would 
test 1 hour after, then 2, then 3 hours after eating.  On the CBGM I tested 
approximately 245 at one hour and the same at two hours.  You would think 
STABLE, right?  The CBGM showed in between my sugars went to slightly over 

I use to bolus 1 unit for every 12 gr. carbohydrate for breakfast and still 
do if I am eating a bagel or oatmeal.  If it is any refined type of cereal, 
first I set a temporary basal rate of 0.0 for 1 hour then bolus 1 unit for 
every 6 gr. of carbohydrate. Most of the time it works!  I have tested this 
more than once by doing a finger stick and tested at every half hour for 
about four hours.

My normal basal rates during any given morning is usually 0.8 units per hour. 
 Because your daughter is so young it is probably much different so present 
this idea to the endo and have him/her come up with a "plan" to start with.  
Of course, even this plan will need to be tweaked!

Cee Dee
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