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In a message dated 1/5/02 9:14:37 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Has anyone on the list read or used Dr. Richard Bernstein's book Diabetes
> > Solution

I have read some of his book and believe that I could not limit my carbs as 
he suggests (I think it was 24 per day, 6 for breakfast, 6 for lunch and 12 
for dinner).  But there are diabetics, mostly type 2 that have done well with 
his plan and lost a lot of weight.  Dr. Bernstein is a Type 1 himself and got 
himself a glucose machine when they first came out and were available only to 
hospitals and doctors (his wife was a doctor).  He had complications and 
could not gain weight.  He tested eating several types of food and the impact 
on his sugars and that's how he came up with his diet plan.  He did reverse 
his complications.  He then became a doctor.

He was probably the first diabetic to do home glucose testing.

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