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Re: : [IP] Periods, Puberty, and Pumping

In a message dated 1/6/02 6:38:29 AM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< Jenny's class is going to DC and New York next June. Since we are 
 traveling from California, and big bucks have already been paid, we are 
 still going. I *will* go on the trip. The discussion is whether I will 
 be in a room with Jen and two other girls or in another room with other 
 girls.  I am telling her that she needs to be very, very good about 
 remembering to bolus between now and then if she doesn't want me in the 
 same hotel room. So far, my  "reward" (or is it a threat?) doesn't seem 
 to make much difference. >>
No way would I let my son go himself when he was in 8th grade.  He was on MDI 
at the time and I knew from letting my daughter go on the DC trip that they 
ate at fast food restaurants at odd hours and didn't get much sleep.  Another 
boy with D. went and his father stayed in another room with other chaperones. 
 Guess what?  His son seized in the middle of the night from all the 
exercise.  He was also on MDI at the time.  
   I would say to you that if your daughter really wants to go, I would go 
with her and make her check in with you her bs numbers, etc.  I would 
definitely go with her too.  As far as staying in the room, definitely yes!
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