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[IP] Re: Advil - NOT

> Are you kidding us Eddie or What???? Advil is ibuprofen. Read the labels. 
> You
> shouldnt take Naprosyn, Advil or any other NSAID drug, Asprin isn't great
> either.
> spot

Spot, is this true that all diabetics should not take NSAID drugs?  And for 
what reason?
 I gave Claire children's Motrin last summer and it seemed to affect her bgs. 
--higher and more erratic.  I later read that Motrin may raise bgs.   The 
pharmacist I consulted about this gave me that looK that they use to humour 
customers who obviously don't know anything and said that Motrin was just 
fine for diabetics.  But then they tell me that about EVERY drug I have ever 
asked about.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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