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Re: [IP] High blood sugars-menstruation

To all women noticing cyclic insulin and blood sugar changes:

Over the past three years or so I have documented that about 14 to 19 days 
into my cycle (My cycles have always fluctuated from 28 to 33 days) 
everything goes wacky and I cannot get my blood sugars under 250.  I assume I 
am ovulating and set a different set of basal rates (started with raising all 
of them 0.1 per hour then tweaked them so they are close to this but not 
perfectly this simple).  I keep this set of basal rates for almost two weeks 
and all of a sudden my blood sugars are in the pits!  I am often hypoglycemic 
unaware and they can get into the high 30's to low 40's before I realize they 
are low.  I change my basal rates back to my "other profile" and within six 
hours my period starts.  At that point I can usually count back and 14 days 
earlier I had changed my basal rates!  After doing this several months my 
doctor had me on the CBGM twice, once in the leuteal phase and once in the 
follicular phase.  It was nice to document this and to further "tweak" those 

Seems like I am more insulin resistant in the progesterone stage of my cycle.

Just my experience.  YMMV
Cee Dee
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