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[IP] batteries and insurance

My son has been on the Disetronic H-tron since 8/98.  I have had 3 different 
insurance policies--at different times, not simultaneously--and all have paid 
for pump batteries.  With the last company, I did have to put up a 
fight--they wrote me a letter of denial, saying they pay from strips, but not 
batteries.  I responded with a letter of my own, telling them I was not 
asking for batteries for the meter, but for the pump.  I explained that the 
batteries for the disetronic pump cannot be purchased at the local pharmacy 
and must be ordered at a cost of over $70 for 10 batteries.  I also told them 
I thought it was ridiculous that they cover the cost of all the other pump 
supplies at 100%, but refused to pay for batteries.  Next thing I knew, they 
were paying for the batteries.  I have had to fight for the coverage and for 
a place to get the supplies because they don't have a "participating 
pharmacy" for pump supplies.  The insurance company is Trigon Healthkeepers 
HMO and I get the supplies through National Diabetic Pharmacy.  We do have to 
get authorization for supplies every 3 months, but they have paid well and 
promptly to date.  I have been with them since changing employers in July.  
So, to make a long story short--some insurance companies do pay for pump 

Betsy Smith
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