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Re: [IP] Children with special health care needs

I never experienced any of this and Rachel was on it for two years.  I 
never had to get a referral or pay any of the bills.   Hmmmm... maybe they 
changed recently?  When was your son on it?  Maybe it was different because 
of different illnesses?


At 06:36 PM 1/5/02 -0500, you wrote:
>My son was on the children's with special health care needs insurance. He has
>downs syndrome with a heart defect. The extra insurance was fine when it was
>just my husband working, they paid what ever my husband's insurance would not
>pay for. But it seemed to take forever and a day to get them to pay and the
>doctors offices seemed to think it was our responsibility to pay for the bills
>when they said they would. Also, it is always prudent to make sure you follow
>the referral process to the letter. A regular doctor  or a health check up at
>the health department - has to refer the child to a specialist. I found it OK
>when we couldn't afford to pay for all his health care needs, but like I said,
>make sure you go through their referral process (it seemed like they made the
>rules up like they went along, which was Bull Shoot!) and took a very long
>time to pay the bills. Sharon and B. Gumby
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