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Re: [IP] Re:

> If you decide to try this, sonething you might want to consider (and
> ask your Dr./CDE about) is that when the infusion set in in place it
> is not necessary to "take a shot". Most of the modern "soft" sets
> have a port into which you can (carefully) inject insulin with out
> an additional stick. I've never done this but I know serveral other
> list members have.

It's easy with sets like the SofSet where the QR release is pretty 
large and easily accessible. With Sils/Tenders/Comfort Sets, the port 
is on the plastic header and is quite shallow. Misaligning the 
syringe and/or plunging it too deep into the port can result in 
penetrating the wall of the catheter where it exits the plastic 
housing -- thus producing a LEAK in the insulin path.

duh!!!   guess how I found out :-(

That aside, if you are careful, it works great, at least on the two 
types of sets where I've used this procedure. SofSet & 

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