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RE: [IP] Teen issues

You sound just like me.  I had some "life changing" events to turn me
around as well.  Turning 35, finding out I had no eye damage even after
14 1/2 yrs. (some good control, some LOUSY control).  I also have NLD(a
diabetic skin condition as a result of bad control), and beginning
receding gumlines.  I was starting to see some results of my self-abuse,
but I also thought that it was great to have no eye damage.  I decided
that before I did get eye damage, I had better get a grip on my D.

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I was dx towards the end of my teen years (age 16).  But for high school
the first couple of years of college, I frequently did many of the
that you parents have been talking about.  I would go without testing
days (if not a week or more), or just test once a day.  Then I would
any ol' number I felt like in my logbook.  I would eat whatever I
whenever I wanted, then just inject some insulin.  Why exactly I did
this, I
couldn't tell you.  My parents have known of two specific blood glucose
readings of mine (both were in the hospital upon dx).  I usually
"forgot" to
take my log (which I usually had "created" the night before) to just
all of my doctor's appointments.  However, since I always kept my A1c's
below 8 (with only a few exceptions), no one really bothered me about

There was not major life changing even that got me to change my ways.
a seires of smaller ones.  First was an interist that I grew to love and
respect.  Then came Humalog (fall of my sophomore year).  My internist
me a vial to try.  Since being dx, I had had a constant dull headache
tests revealed anything to cause this).  By the time I had been on
(and no Regular) for about 48 hours, my headache was gone for the first
in more than 3 years.  (Incidentally, since then I once had to use some
for about 2 days, and my headache returned within a couple hours of
it.  My docs and I don't know why this happens, but I'll just stick to
Since I was feeling better, I was more motivated to keep my blood
glucose in
range.  Which got me testing more.  However, I still wasn't recording
very well.  At my internist's suggestion, I got a computer program and
needed cable and started downloading my readings.  When I periodically
to record "by hand" so I get my bolus' as well, I usually fail
I've concluded, that I don't do very well recording by hand (my current
prefers logging numbers by hand, and I've told him, he'll be lucky to
get 4
written down a month, so he said my computer is better than nothing).

One thing that I do find interesting is that if I am visiting with my
parents, I will fall back into the "old" patterns that I had when I
there.  Unless I make a conscious effort to test as often as I should, I
will test once a day (if that) when I am at my parents.  If I am in my
home, I will test 5-6 times a day, and not even think about it.  I also
a tendency to "graze" and eat more junk food when I am around them.

Maureen dx 10/94 pump 4/99
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