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[IP] Mom had foot amputated

Hi all, 
 Well my mom had to have her foot amputated on
Thurday, due to an infection in it, she had a charcots
foot (sp?) The infection had caused her body to go
into septic shock and her kidneys to shut down. We
took her to the ER new years eve night, and she has
been in intesive care every since. Let me tell you
guys the feeling of seeing her after her surgery,  not
only was this my mom, my best friend, my confident,
but also a diabetic. I looked at her with so many
feelings, I couldnt help but to break down. THis
diease is not fair! My mom is 51 and she is very sick,
now changed for the rest of her life. We now have a
long rehab ahead of us, when we get out of intensive
care. Sorry to vent! thanks for listening!

- Just remember ....
   "It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
             foot prints you left behind!"

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