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Re: : [IP] Periods, Puberty, and Pumping

> I wonder how other parents of teenagers handle
> overnighters?  Any suggestions? Susan S.

Let'm grow up. For one-nighters, chat with the parents (once, not 
every time). For camp, provide him with an alarm clock to wake him or 
campmates in the middle of the night if he needs to check, provide 
instructions to camp personal.

Grit your teeth, cut'm loose. The independence and sense of 
responsibility you instill in your child will be of much more benefit 
than hovering around. It's our job to help them accept these 
responsibilities, not protect them from the inevitable. BTDT

I've made it a point to make sure that Lily has the confidence and 
help(if needed) to do everything her peers can do. It's paid off big 
time! She has matured into a smart, independent can-do-anything 
young woman. I believe as a parent that I must make that effort 
everyday in spite of my worries about her health, etc...
Yes, last night I crept into her room in the middle of the night to 
see if she was breathing (she was, of course), she'd been a little 
low at bed time and I was worried, just like you are about your 
child. But....

The week she was dx'd (age 11) she had been invited to go to Hawaii 
with a girl friend.  She went, not without some hassle from the 
doc's at the hospital, but she did go. She attended diabetes camp at 
age 11 and 12 and announced she did not want to go back because it 
was too regimented (she was the only kid pumper, they wanted her to 
eat snacks). The next three years she went to a regular camp in the 
mountains for 2 weeks each summer. Mimi and I bit our nails the whole 
time, but we survived and our daughter matured and became more 
independent with each outing. Although she is now home for winter 
break from college, she will again go off ON HER OWN where we can not 
see or help her if she needs us, but that is as it should be. She is 
prepared as well as her mother and I could manage. Learning each step 
with trips away, overnights, etc....

Just do it. You will be pleased with the results.

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