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[IP] changing lancets...

Have read many messages from all about changing the lancets. Yeah, I probably 
have enough extras to last me for the rest of my "normal" (ha!) life. I test 
about 6x each day, and change the lancet about every 2-3 months. Remember, 
the companies want you to change "every time". They are in business to make 
$$.  They also have to cover themselves, legally. If, on the other hand, you 
have any other auto-immune problems, like transplants, etc., you should do 
the "right" thing.

I've been insulin dependent for 45+ yrs. When the blood testing machines 
first came out, my first was in the 1970's, I think, the pharmacy person 
showing me how to work it insisted that I use the check-test strips every 
day, to make certain the monitor was correct. HA! Never used them. They 
always expired, and I had an extra meter, if things didn't seem right. You 
must do what you feel comfortable doing. Just remember, the companies will 
tell you the "right" thing, and if you choose to vary it according to your 
own needs......

be well!
email @ redacted
45+ yrs. IDDM, mostly looney tunes, no relation to hypos, and on the 
MiniMed508 since June!!!
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