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Re: [IP] Anyone know about Splenda

Splenda is the mirror image of sugar, not sure I can explain it so everyone 
can understand, but I will try.  It looks and tastes like sugar because it 
has all the elements of sugar, but the body doesn't recognize it as sugar 
because where some of the parts of the sugar molecule are for instance on the 
right side, in Splenda they are on the left side, so the whole  thing put 
together is like putting the wrong key in a keyhole, the teeth are the wrong 
configuration so the lock just won't turn.  In Splenda, the 'teeth' are on 
the wrong side for the body to recognize the molecule as sugar even though we 
can't tell the difference.   The same thing happens with codeine and 
dextromethorphan- you all know that codeine is highly controlled because of 
its addictive properties, and that dextromethorphan is over the counter 
(Robitussin DM).  They both control cough but the codeine and 
dextromethorphan are mirror images of each other, and that makes enough 
difference that the body does not become physically addicted to the 
dextromethorphan and so it is able to be less controlled and more readily 

I hope this helps you understand a little better!

aka Mouse
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