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Re: [IP] Re: teens and pumping

     Not only is your car/oil analogy excellent, but it fits perfectly with 
something I'd previously written for the JDRF website called "ROAD RULES" : <A HREF="http://www.jdrf.org/kids/ideazone.html">
JDF Kids Online: Idea Zone</A> 
    Problem is that when FEAR enters the equation, all of a parent's rational 
reactions get replaced by ANGER, which only exacerbates the situation. The 
teen reacts to our (my) ranting & raving, and can "blame" the parent for 
being too obsessed with his/her care, rather than accepting responsibility 
for his/her lackadaisical attitude...Yet, since we adults don't "live in the 
moment" (like our kids still have the luxury of doing), our minds are racing 
ahead to the potential "consequences" of their inactions. 
        Statistically, 40% of all diabetics were destined for kidney 
complications ( hopefully that statistic will be proven wrong in years to 
come, thanks to earlier intervention with ACE inhibitors & screening), but 
since none of us has a crystal ball to know if our kids are genetically 
programmed to be one of the "lucky ones", our worries tend to "drive" ( back 
to the car theme) us when watching our kids' less- than- optimal behaviors. 
Different ages bring different stages of worrying. And as I'm learning now 
that my own daughter is in college, different environments also bring 
differences in how our kids handle their diabetes. Her control has 
deteriorated, but since she was fortunately "pre-programmed" to check 
frequently ( I think it is her own "comfort" meter), many of those high bgs 
didn't linger & her A1C "only" jumped from a 7.1 to an 8.2...conversely, 
another mom of a freshman boy is devastated to have realized that part of the 
reason her son's A1C jumped into the TEENS is because he was checking 
      There are no easy answers...and for each of the 3000+ insulin-pumpers 
members, there are 3000+ different stories of our successes, our failures, 
our frustrations, etc.....The single most valuable resource that I have found 
is sharing this 24/7 "load" with those who truly "get it"!
Renee (pump mom to Melissa...now 19..pumping since March 1996)
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