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[IP] Re: Teens and pumping

I was a T1teen many years ago. I didn't not use a pump and at that time 
diabetes was treated with 1 shot a day.  I always took my shot. I never ran 
tests (Urine). I ate sweets when I wanted. I slept late on weekends. I led a 
pretty normal teenage life to a degree. I did understand that I couldn't skip 
meals, and that I required some carbs at the meals. I was diagnosed as a 
young child. I think my mother was pretty cool, she could tell if I was too 
far off, and would make me test to see. I went to the doctor regularly.

I didn't want any of my classmates or friends to know I was diabetic. My mom 
informed the  school nurse, and my teachers knew, but not the students. I was 
very active, and I could feel if my bg was lowb&I would eat candy. 

I have 2 T1 brothers, so I guess we had our own support system. 

I didn't start to take care of myself until I was pregnant with my daughter 
(now 17 years old).

I have been very lucky. I have no complications after having this disease for 
more that 45 years. 

I don't think I could have gotten through my teens if I had to be so rigid.  
I have been pumping for 1 year 2.5 months. I am much more rigid about control 

Don't be too hard on your kids that are diabetic. 

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