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[IP] Re: Splenda and baking

jhughey wrote:

I also had a box of Splenda that I baked pumpkin pies
with and there 
was no
aftertaste. I used some of it in some pumpkin bread as
well. I really 
it.  Ocean Spray Lite cranberry juices also have it
making the carb 
very low

               * * * * * * * * 

How do you bake with Splena, because the volume is so
much less than real sugar?  Also I would think the
moisture content of the food would be affected?  Do
you still have to use some sugar?  I would really be
interested in baking with it.

Also:  Does anyone have any idea how much the
batteries cost for an Animas R-1000?  I am still on my
first set and know I will have to change soon.  Also
does insurance usually cover this as a diabetic
supply?  I am wondering if I would be better off
ordering them from Animas, or going to WalMart?

Pat (pumped!!!!!!)

P.S.  Happy and Healthy New Year to Everyone!

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