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[IP] Re: Prescription costs for U.S. residents -- Canada

Hi Bud,
     I assume you are re-posting your message because you didn't get any 
responses (?).
     I can't really answer your question, but I'll tell you what I know (or 
think I know!) as a Canadian.
     In general, I think that yes, our prescription and also non-prescription 
drugs are cheaper than in the USA.  However, you might have to be careful 
that this is true for the drug you are considering.  The Canadian dollar is 
terribly low right now and your money will go a long way in this country.  
     I know that I have seen tv news stories about Americans coming across 
the border and having prescriptions filled.  However, I think that they may 
have to have a prescription written by a doctor licensed in the province of 
purchase.  We have recently moved from Ontario to British Columbia and I have 
to have a B.C. doctor re-write all of Claire's Rxs, as the pharmacies are not 
allowed to take a Rx written by an Ontario doctor.  In an emergency however, 
they would help you out.  
     Pumps and pump supplies are not prescription items.  Therefore, you 
would not need a Rx to purchase these in Canada.  While the actual pumps cost 
a lot less in Canada, I'm not sure that the infusion sets and cartridges are 
the same bargain here.  If you were interested I could post the prices of 
sets and reservoirs(for Disetronic and Minimed and I might also have the 
Animas price list) from 2 main suppliers in Canada.  
Best regards,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> > Is anyone from the US currently purchasing their prescriptions from 
> Canada
> > via mail or any other means?
> >
> > I am about to lose my job through a downsizing and will be faced with the
> > option of COBRA conversion or something else.  My thought was if
> > prescriptions are much less expensive in Canada, I could take out a more
> > inexpensive policy that doesn't pay for meds and mabey come out ahead.
> >
> > Thanks, everyone!
> >
> > Bud Hopper
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