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[IP] Re: how to select an endo

From: "Andrew Bender (spot)" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] how to select an endo
I did not
select him out of a telephone book or plan directory.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Andrew, I did not mean to imply that this was the only thing to check out.  
Thank you for listing other concerns as I would never want anyone to just 
"look" on the net or in a phone book.  We had already tried 2 endos in our 
area and was not satisified with either of them.  Only 1 in our area was on 
our insurance plan.  He was not for pumping and said we only needed to test 
B/S 2 times per day.  I knew he had to go!  When I read about the current 
endo, I noticed that he had a team approach and used intensive treatment, 
which I was very interested in for my child.  When I called, I spoke with the 
doctor personally!  Then I made an appointment, and found the endo to be a 
very good one.  He gives Cory a very thorugh check up each time and he or the 
doctor on call, will return our calls 24/7 including holidays.  Our emergency 
calls are returned within minutes if it is after office hours or we are put 
through to either the doctor or the nurse practioner if it is during office 
hours  I don't think you can ever really know if you will be completely 
satisfied with a new endo until you have tried them.  If the initial call 
goes well, then I would suggest a "meet the doctor" visit.  It took us a year 
to find a good endo and he was the 3rd one we tried.
Susan S.
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