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[IP] Disability, Insurance and other benefits

In regard to the various posts on this subject, this is what I have learned.  
Diabetes IS listed as a disability under American with Disabilities Act.  I'm 
sure the degree of the disability varies from person to person and perhaps 
that would effect benefits payable.  Cory is eligible for certain 
considerations as a student due to diabetes being a disability.  The 
government has a 504 plan and/or an IEP that can be written to cover the 
education and medical requirements of a student in school, due to this 
disability.  As for medical coverage, most states have plans to cover major 
medical expenses for children who have expensive chronic health problems.  
Even if you are middle income, you can qualify for these.  In Ohio, it is 
called BCMH  -- Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps.  Even if you have 
private insurance, you can qualify for this assistance to cover for what your 
insurance doesn't cover (co-pays, deductibles, etc).  For low income, there 
is Medicaid or sometimes that also covers higher income when you have heavy 
medical expenses.  They can do something called a "spend down."   
Hope everyone can get the medical coverage they need,
Susan S.
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