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Re: : [IP] Periods, Puberty, and Pumping

From: Earl and Kay Guy <email @ redacted
<<I feel especially bad because I know she would like to not have me 
around so much. Although she goes to two weeks of camp each year, I do 
go on all the church youth group "away" activities. She is going skiing 
for the first time next month and I will be waiting anxiously in the lodge.>>
Kay, you sure have hit some of my concerns here.  Cory doesn't want me at all 
his activities and if it is an overnighter, it really poses problems.  Last 
year I went on a school camp trip with him.  I slept in the adjoining cabin 
but went over to his several times to check on him.  It's especially 
difficult for a teenage boy to have a "mom" coming into his sleeping area 
when he is with his buddies!  How embarrassing! The 8th graders have always 
done the Washington DC trip, and I'm already wondering how to deal with that. 
Maybe in light of the security problems, the trip will not be scheduled.  I 
wonder how other parents of teenagers handle overnighters?  Any suggestions?
Susan S.
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