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Re: [IP] Anyone know about Splenda

>>>Hi. Does anyone know about Splenda sweetener? Is it derived from sugar?
It's in Swiss Miss Sugar Free Cocoa. - Maura>>>

I just discovered the three boxes of Swiss Miss S-F Hot Chocolate in my
cupboard all have Splenda and I have really enjoyed it over Christmas time.
I also had a box of Splenda that I baked pumpkin pies with and there was no
aftertaste. I used some of it in some pumpkin bread as well. I really like
it.  Ocean Spray Lite cranberry juices also have it making the carb count
very low.

I believe it is derived from sugar but is treated somehow. The carbs in the
hot choc. are 10 per cup which is not much. Some flavored coffees have more
than that. It's nice we have insulin to appropriately bolus for it. Only
downfall for me is cocoa has a lot of potassium in it and I'm restricted on
that. YMMV (~_^)

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