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Re: [IP] Re: teens and pumping

>this group sees numbers that are not in target, their usual response is 
>they did or didn't do something they should have.  This makes them think 
>have failed the parents, the diabetes team, and themselves.  Is it any 
>they want to save face my "fixing" the numbers?

I am no longer a teen, but I cannot agree more with this!!!  I'm 
22...diagnosed at 14..."fixed numbers" right up through probably my 
sophomore year of college!  I know why I did it...I was (and am!) a 
perfectionist; I graduated high school valedictorian, I was the captain of 
my basketball and volleyball teams, I was all-State academic, etc. etc.  So 
"failing" at the "diabetes game" was not acceptable to me.  (Yeah, I still 
have problems with this today...but it's improved over the years a bit!:))  
I thought it was ALL my fault, and I know my parents meant well...but 
continuely harping over my "numbers" made me want to record those numbers 
even less.  It got to the point where I would even write in "imaginary" 
numbers...I wouldn't test, but would write something down to make my parents 
and doctor think that I did!  I think teens need to understand that some of 
the highs aren't their fault.  Sure, some are...you know, when you decide 
that a slurpee from 7-Eleven sounds really good and you drink it without 
thinking about its affects on your blood sugars.  But others can be caused 
to hormones, stress, the need for different ratios/amounts of insulin, etc.  
And being a teen is always an emotional rollercoaster, with or without 
diabetes!  But while I feel guilty today about fixing my numbers in the 
past, I guess that I can't blame the kids who do it.  I think letting them 
know that it isn't their fault...and that the team is not mad at THEM, is 
simply mad perhaps at diabetes, hormones, etc...would be a big help to a lot 
of teenagers.

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