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[IP] Re: teens and pumping

Just a thought:
Maybe, when we (parents and pump team) talk to pre-teens about the onset of 
puberty, the discussion should include the normal need for more insulin and 
the rising BGs and sometimes erratic BG fluctuations based on the maturing 
male and female sex glands and the hormones associated with the onset.  When 
this group sees numbers that are not in target, their usual response is that 
they did or didn't do something they should have.  This makes them think they 
have failed the parents, the diabetes team, and themselves.  Is it any wonder 
they want to save face my "fixing" the numbers? It must be extremely 
frustrating for them.  Let's try not to give them this message. Yell at 
diabetes, but don't yell at your child. And if you feel the need to yell 
(your frustration), let your child know it isn't them you are yelling at.  
Focus on the fact that checking those numbers is like like checking the oil 
level on a car. If the level isn't right, you have information that you need 
to do something.
Would you yell at the car if it needed oil, or would you have it checked to 
find out why it needs it?  Or, just give it more oil and get on with life. 
(Forgive my analogy if it sounds silly.  Maybe someone else has a better 
<!8<) <----- me, with the nurse hat on 

> she seems to be having a hard time controlling some of this new
> founded freedom as she tends to "graze" most days and eats lots of high 
> sugar
> foods when it's available to her away from home.  Sometimes her readings 
> are
> in the high 200's and 300's and this doesn't stop her from eating more.  
> She
> boluses large amounts of insulin to cover some of her high readings and I'm
> afraid this practice is just a major insulin reaction waiting to happen.
> She won't keep up her log book without being harrassed and recently started
> making up numbers to hide some of her high readings and also omitted some 
> of
> her boluses to hide the amount of carbs she's eating.  She's a great kid 
> and I
> love the fact she no longer has to give herself 3-5 shots a day but I am 
> very
> worried about what she's doing to herself.  Facts and information are just 
> a
> waste of time with her.
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