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[IP] Teens and Pumping

My fourteen year old daughter has been on the pump now for about five months
and loves it.  She was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2 years so for the first
time in 12 years, she is able to sleep in, eats at different times of the day,
and eats a lot of what she wants.  That's the great part about the pump.
However, she seems to be having a hard time controlling some of this new
founded freedom as she tends to "graze" most days and eats lots of high sugar
foods when it's available to her away from home.  Sometimes her readings are
in the high 200's and 300's and this doesn't stop her from eating more.  She
boluses large amounts of insulin to cover some of her high readings and I'm
afraid this practice is just a major insulin reaction waiting to happen.

She won't keep up her log book without being harrassed and recently started
making up numbers to hide some of her high readings and also omitted some of
her boluses to hide the amount of carbs she's eating.  She's a great kid and I
love the fact she no longer has to give herself 3-5 shots a day but I am very
worried about what she's doing to herself.  Facts and information are just a
waste of time with her.

Help!  Does anyone have any suggestions because I am very frustrated ......

Carol, Mom of 14 year old pumper
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