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Re: [IP] Teens and highs

> Our endo. and I figure our 12yo's highs are often due to snacking on
> top of snacking, bolases on top of bolases.  Hard to keep track of
> unused insulin, as well as underbolases, which snowball when
> happening all afternoon.  But at this age they're hungry and
> growing.  We can't seem to keep it under control.
Based on the experience with my daughter, you should take a good look 
at insulin requirements. Lily's went way up at that age and the highs 
we saw were a result of two compounded problems. Too low a basal, 
which we corrected, and a ratio that was way too high for her overall 
insulin needs. The result was that even though she bolused, with the 
high ratio it was not enough insulin to cover the carbs she was 
eating. At one point around age 13, she was using appx 90 units per 
day and had a ratio of 10:1 -- her endo was sure she was 
overinsulinizing and we attempted for several weeks to ween her from 
so much insulin. Finally we just left well enough alone and in a few 
months her insulin needs began to drop -- but!! she sure grew a 

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