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Re: [IP] disetronic warranty

At 10:36 AM 1/4/02, you wrote:
> > Is anyone familiar with the Disetronic warranty? Does it end at 2 years 
> for each pump or is it 4 years for each? > Thanks,
> >
> > Robin
>Morning Robin - I believe (and of course I could be in error) but it is 2 
>yrs on each pump for a total of 4. that is why you are to switch on a 
>regular basis (which of course I haven't managed to do) the internal clock 
>keeps track whenever the batteries are in one and the tech check code is 
>supposed to come up when the pump is near 2 yrs of use.
>Linda & Dax

Yes, and after 2 years you need to send it in for a technical 
inspection.  I switch my pumps, since I have 2 different colors, I wear the 
blue one in the winter and the lighter gray/beige one in the summer.  Goes 
better with my wardrobe. ;o)  Btw, I was told that you should switch your 
pumps regularly so that you can be sure there are no problems with 
them.  It would defeat the purpose of 2 pumps if your first one had to go 
in for inspection after 2 years or had a problem with it, and you hook up 
to the other one to find out there's also a problem with it.

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