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[IP] how to select an endo

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: doc search

Cherry asks: <<anybody have any advice on what to ask to find out if
the doc is good or not? >>
Cherry, I actually found Cory's best and current endo on the internet!  He is
with Children's Hospital and has a web page that gave me some information
about him.  Then I followed up with a phone call and spoke with him
personally.  We've been very satisfied.
The American Diabetes Association should have a list of doctors' in your area
and some information on them.  The ADA has a guideline they use for doctors.
Good luck in your search,
Susan S.
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Guidelines are rather general, Do you see patients with diabetes? The best
device in selecting a doctor is not is your doctor a professor, what do his
patients think? is he into examining you carefully or does he just shake your
hand when you come for an examination. My doc always examines me as if he was
buying a horse. looks at my teeth and mouth, pokes and prods, takes my blood
pressure, looks in my eyes, looks at my feet, feels my neck, listens to my
heart and lungs etc. I put him on the list as a pump doc. my previous endo,
did nothing to remotely suggest he was a physician. he reviews my bgs which i
spent hours wrinting down. he was interested when I told him my older dau had
Hashimoto's thyroiditis, especially when i told him that was how my dm
started. When  I told him I was concerned about some complications I had He
listened and sent me to the proper specialist. He is always available when I
call him. He has a nurse practioner who is as through as he is. I did not
select him out of a telephone book or plan directory.
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