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[IP] finding an ob/gyn

My employer changed insurance companies this year and of course after 
finding a great gyn now she isn't on the new plan.  I could still go to her 
and pay the out of network fees, but that's a lot.  And anyway she doesn't 
do ob anymore and in a year or two I want to start having kids.  Soo.... how 
do I go about finding a good, knowledgeable female ob/gyn who is also 
experienced in women with dm?  Also I have to find a dentist on my new 
dental plan who uses gas instead of novocaine (I have problems with that) 
and knows about dm and teeth.  People keep telling me, just go to the web 
site and pick one off the list that is close to home.  Well, that just isn't 
going to work.  I want a doc who knows how dm affects everything else.  It 
isn't an HMO, so I don't have to have a primary care physician... so do I 
still need a general doctor?  Can I see my dm doctor if I have a cold or 
whatever?  I have never had to choose one of those before, I've always been 
on an HMO.  So aside from flipping coins or closing my eyes and pointing 
randomly at the list... how do I do this?

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