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Re: [IP] something GREAT happened today!!

>Same here!  I'm 31, and have quite a list going for myself.
>My only problem is that I do not qualify for SSI or SSDI.  Here in
>Massachusetts, diabetes (and all of the other things I have) are not
>considered disabilities in any way.  The only reason I managed to get  
>insurance (that I have to pay for) is because I was in the hospital for a
>diabetes-related problem.
>I have been told several times by more than one doc that I should not be
>working (and certainly not working the job I have), but there is very 
>I can do about it.
>email @ redacted

Jenn, I am afraid that you are in error, when you state that diabetes is not 
considered disabilities.  Being a former disability examiner for the state 
of Kansas,  I have  approved several diabetics for disability for both SSI 
and SSD.  However, Social Security has a detailed criteria that must be met 
exactly for their determination of being disabled.  Not only could you have 
been denied due to not meeting their criteria, but you may also be denied 
due to vocation, ie type of work, and/or your educational also.

The two main things to remember is that, first, even though your doctors may 
state to you that you should not be working, If it is not written by the 
doctors in your medical charts, it will not help at all; and second, is to 
file an appeal as an automatic response to a denial, as the case will go to 
a different examiner than the previous time, and it may be then approved.

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