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Re: [IP] getting back on the pump

> I've pumped for about a year (MM507), then stopped after developing a
> severe allergy to the film that holds the canule in place.I stopped
> about a year ago and my control has been deteriorating ever since, so I
> want to give the pump another go.
> What do you suggest I try so i don't get those rashes again?
> Also, I'm thinking of starting by hooking the pump up and just using
> saline until I get the allergic reaction under control. has anyone tried
> that?
> Thanks a lot
> Yaron


At first when I read this I thought you were referring to a film coating on
the Teflon canula - if so, try a metal needle which both MiniMed and
Disetronic offer. If you mean the tape (i.e. film) perhaps if you try a
Quick Set or Silhouette that will help since they do not require any
additional tape covering. There are also different varieties of tapes that
MiniMed will send samples of. If you are getting a reaction directly at the
insertion site, it may mean you are a candidate to try the new Novolog
quick-acting insulin by Novo Nordisk.  I truly hope you find a solution to
your problem. (~_^)

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