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>>Bruce Driscoll <email @ redacted wrote:

I will be starting on a pump on March 1st, and am currently doing some
comparison shopping.  Being new to pumping, I am looking into any and
aspects, especially views, tips and success stories of other pumpers.

I was diagnosed almost 14 years ago at the age of 32.  For the past
of years I have had an increasingly harder time keeping my sugars under
control.  My doctor recently put me on Lantus, which has eliminated the
I was getting in the mornings.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!),
last two hb1acs have gone up -  my doctor says it is because my lows are
as low as before, and the average has come.  He thinks I make a good
candidate for the pump.  I am looking forward to it with great
and a little apprehension, too!

I live in Mansfield, MA with my wife and young daughters (8 and 6), who
a big part of my support team.<<

Hi Bruce,

We live in Mass. too ( go to a lot of concerts up your way!) My daughter
Lauren is 10 and has been on the pump for almost a year. I might suggest the
New England Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as a great
resource for you. It's based out of Wellesley, but holds "network coffee"
meetings all over the place, and really great research updates etc. The
current president is an adult male about your age on the pump whom also
relies greatly on his family for support. There are four other men on the
board who are adult Type 1's on the pump. (I'm the incoming president :-) )
If you would like me to put you on the mailing list, just let me know.
Admittedly, the coffee's are 90 percent moms of kids with D, but in general,
the group is a good mix. And they are some smart, funny, interesting and
caring people. I have taken way more from that group than I've given.
Anyway, just let me know if you want to be on the mailing list. I'm at
email @ redacted BTW, here's where I live: I'm looking out my home
office window right now and I see a harbor, historic buildings, a replica of
a famous old ship and a ROCK. Got it?


Mom to Lauren
Pump Princess of Plymouth
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