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Re: [IP] Periods, Puberty, and Pumping

Wow, these posts about 12 and 13 year olds and the roller coaster have 
hit home. Our daughter is 13 and we can't avoid the highs. Two weeks 
ago, her basals got erased and I didn't catch it for two days. We were 
chasing highs with constant boluses. What really clued me in was that 
she played a soccer tournament and still kept going higher and higher.

Turns out she was coming down with a nasty virus (I have it now) and her 
period was starting. Once we got her under control with shots and I 
could see the basals were again holding her steady, we breathed easier. 
So she missed three days of school, and then woke up on Thursday with 
pinkeye. It took a whole day of phone calls to get the eye drop 
prescription phoned into the pharmacy (no one questioned my diagnosis, 
just couldn't get the call made to the pharmacy). That delay meant we 
didn't stop the drops until late Thursday and she ended up missing five 
days of school.

So the next week I raised the basals from 11 a.m. - midnight .1unit 
because she had been running high for. That worked great for two days. 
Then yesterday she called me while I was at the doctor's for an 
appointment to say "Mom, I feel low." She was out-of-it enough that she 
couldn't remember how to check her glucose. Luckily, she had some jelly 
bellies in her room, which I remembered. She ate them and was ok when I 
got home 10 minutes later.  

I feel especially bad because I know she would like to not have me 
around so much. Although she goes to two weeks of camp each year, I do 
go on all the church youth group "away" activities. She is going skiing 
for the first time next month and I will be waiting anxiously in the lodge.

There are days when I feel like I am going crazy.


>Anyone have advice for surviving this roller coaster called adolescence while 
>juggling diabetes?
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