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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #5

highbloodsugars writes:

> Re: [IP] Re: Profile of Richard Fleetwood
> Yes I did know what I was doing  and still do know ,Iam a pump Instuctor 
> and 
> IKNOW HOW IMPORTANT it is that you have all the training you need and then 
> some before you try to sell or do anything that will effect someones live 
> to 
> that degree. all im saying is that he should have all of his (ducks in a 
> row) before hand?  so you let your children deal with that, I just don't 
> think I would 
> ((Y.M.M.V))
Rest assured that Richard will have extensive sales training (next week, as a 
matter of fact).  There are some things one can only learn from the 
interaction with people who actually use the pump...  YMMV.  
I was a very active pump trainer, CDE,  and had started a pump management 
program when I joined this group.  Because local pump support groups had 
sporadic attendance (more of a situation of geographical logistics, than lack 
of interest), I joined to learn about the challenges other pumpers around the 
country might be dealing with.  I had hopes of learning something I could 
share with my own patients.  I have learned a lot from this group, and 
suspect that anyone else would, also.  If you are also a pump trainer, do you 
work for a specific manufacturer?  Let's hope we maintain unbiased opinions 

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