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[IP] Re: Great West Life

Hi Wendy,
     I've never dealt with Great West Life (in Winnipeg they used to call it 
great wasted life if you went to work there!!), but I don't think it matters 
about which company it is.
     My husband's employer has changed insurance providers in the past and 
the guarantee to employees was that the new coverage would be at least as 
good as the old coverage.  Did your husband's employer assure you of that?  
If so, it is the company's problem to work out--they should have to guarantee 
your supplies at the same cost as in the past.  I would talk to the 
administrative officer in your husband's company and let them take care of 
the problem, that's their job.  If they have to re-write the policy and back 
date to December 1, well that's their problem.  Alternatively, they could 
choose to reimburse you directly for your costs until the policy is updated.  
Good luck.  We have had great success dealing with Maritime Insurance, the 
young lady is always helpful and polite.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> Hello...do any of our Canadian Pumpers deal with Great-West Life group
> insurance? My husband's employer switched from Canada Life to Great West as
> of Dec. 1st. I have been pumping for almost four years and have always had
> all my supplies covered. However, my husband's employer told him that when
> they switched to Great West the policies would essentially be the
> same....well, Great West tells me that the pump and it's accessories are 
> not
> covered and that it was an option that they chose not to include!!!! I am
> livid. What am I supposed to do now? In order for them to change the 
> policy,
> the whole plan for all the employees would have to be re-written, back to
> Dec. 1. Ughhh........I hope everything gets straightened out. I have a
> $237.00 bill here for supplies that needs to be paid.....I was just
> wondering if anyone on the list has dealt with Great-West Life.
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