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Re: [IP] something GREAT happened today!!


I hope I didn't offend you by asking you about your health problems.  If I 
did, I apologize.  It's just that I don't know very many other diabetics in 
my area....and the ones that I do know seem to be doing fabulously.  When I 
just read your response to my questions, it was like I was reading about 
myself.  I too have all of the complications that you mentioned except for 
the focal neuropathy and believe it or not, I'm only 35 :-)  I know that it's 
not easy not being able to work.  I feel like such a failure especially since 
my family situation seems to be suffering because of it.  My endo thought 
that everything would be hunky dory when I started pumping so she didn't 
think that I should be thinking about applying for disability.  
Unfortunately, things haven't gone as well as expected....my last A1C was 
12.9.  Anyway, thanks for replying to my post and I wish you nothing but the 
best of luck.

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