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Re: [IP] something GREAT happened today!!

In a message dated 1/3/02 2:06:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Well he told the judge after looking over my records and all the problems I 
> have that in his opinion that it would not be a good thing for me to return 
> to work and to that matter he did not think any one with my health problems 
> on top of being a diabetic for over 22 years should put there body through 
> the stress of trying to work.

Hi Pam,
I've seen some of your posts before but I'm just curious........what other 
health problems do you have besides being diabetic?  I too have been diabetic 
for 25 years and have often thought of going the disability route but have 
been too scared to even try.  I haven't been able to work for the past 5 
years or so.  I have 3 kids under the age of 10 and things are getting pretty 
tight here just on my husbands income.  We're about to lose our house, our 
car, etc and I'm at the end of my rope.  How did you go about getting the 
ball rolling in order to get the disability?  Any advice you can offer (or 
anyone else who has experience in this matter) would be GREATLY appreciated.

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