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[IP] something GREAT happened today!!

  Hi everyone,
 Well I had my social security disabilty hearing today and things could not 
of been better. The doctoers had sent all the records and there 
recomendations about me being able to return to work. The judge and his legal 
assistance went over all the  paper work and they had a vocational expert 
that was to be there butwas unable to clear the time so the one the did get 
just so happened to be of all things a fellow Diabetic!!  When all was said 
and done and the lawyer and the judge used the records from all the hospital 
and the doctors I was asked a few questions and so was my other half. The 
judge asked the vo-tech man if under the same conditions I had and with the 
health problems I had would it be possible for me to hold a job?
  Well he told the judge after looking over my records and all the problems I 
have that in his opinion that it would not be a good thing for me to return 
to work and to that matter he did not think any one with my health problems 
on top of being a diabetic for over 22 years should put there body through 
the stress of trying to work.
  My lawyer did not even have to ask him one question. Any way I have to get 
the doctor to fill out another form and send it in but that was it. After the 
hearing the vo-tech guy asked if he could speek with me and he asked a few 
questions about the pump and asked if he could call me at a later time to 
talk about the pump and how it works. He has only been a diabetic for 4 years 
but wants to learn.
  I was so so so scared going into the hearing today but I am glad to of had 
someone on my side who knew what my life is like.

     Sorry this is so long but I just needed to share. 

                                             Pam and Eeyore
                                               Together Forever
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