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[IP] Wanna hear a story?

    A Man and a woman was walking down the street when a child stopped them
with a question...
    "What are those?" She said, pointing at the rectangle boxes clipped on the
couple's waists....
    "They are called insulin pumps sweetheart." The woman answered.
    The child looked perplexed, so the man started to explain what they were
and what they were used for..."You see, darling...these little boxes have
medicine in them that help make us better--"
    The child interrupted him, "Are you sick?"
    "Kind of, Sweets." The woman said..."You see, my husband and I are
diabetics, and these little boxes have insulin in them so that we can eat and
run around like you. If we didn't have them, we would have to take several
shots a day--"
    Again the child interrupted..."Shots?" Her little voice squeaked. "Like
what the doctor gives you?"
    "Kind of, honey."
    "Do you get a sucker after?"
    "Sometimes...not very often though. But you see darling, the doctor
doesn't give us the shots. We have to give them ourselves."
    "Does diabetes hurt?"
    "It can, but most of the time we don't feel a thing."
    "Are there a lot of people like this?" The child queried.
    "The are lots and lots. In fact we belong to this certain group on the
computer. We get together every night and talk about every thing and
anything...but especially about diabetes."
    "Can I come to this group with you?"
    The couple looked over to the little girls mom, and she smiled in apology
for all of the questions. "Well, sweetheart. You have be a member in order to
come and talk with this group..."
    "A member? Like a club?"
    "Exactly. It is a very large club..."
    The child looked like she was going to ask some more questions, but at
that exact moment her daddy walked out of the store that the child and her
mommy was waiting in front of, and he herded them down the street. After a few
steps though, the child turned around and said, "Bye! I hope you have fun in
your club!" She gave a merry wave of her hand and she and her parents
disappeared around the corner.
    The man and woman looked and each other, smiled and placed their hands
upon her belly...for unbeknownst to the little girl, the man and woman had
just learned that they were indeed going to be having a baby. The woman looked
up at her husband and said..."to think, Love, soon we might have a little girl
just like her..."
    The man pulled his wife closer to him in a gentle hug, and they slowly
continued on their way...

    Hi Everyone!
    Welcome to Thursday!
    How has your week gone, has anything exciting happened lately? Especially
since the start of the new Year?
    Why don't you come and share your news...I am sure that the couple above
would have enjoyed sharing their wonderful news with everybody! LOL
    Come on in to the anytime room at
    Just enter your FULL email addy, you know, the one you signed up with? and
the word pumper, click OK and you will be on your way to a fun evening.
    The chat starts at 9 PM Eastern...sorry, gotta learn all of the time zone!
hehehehe (man...can you imagine if I listed them all? By the time you found
your time...the chat would be over with! hehehehehe)
    Anyway your host and co-hosts will be Cunning Cherry, Devious Deb, and
Fast Fred
    Hope to see you all there!

Cherry & Jubilee

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