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Re: [IP] Re: Sil-serter/do you like it?

>.  I could only get it in halfway on the first attempt (I must
> have thick skin), so I pushed it in the rest of the way.  It really
> hurt, and still hurts off and on a day later.  However, with the
> Silhouettes I have noticed that my blood sugars go high for a few
> hours after the site change (I have to do a correction bolus).  I
> did prime the cannula with 1 unit.

1) The set should not hurt. If it hurts, chances are that you are 
inserting it too deep. It should be well beneath the skin, but not 
more than that. The 30+ degree instructions are a little much, more 
commonly the insertions angle is 15 to 30 degrees. See the video on 
the FAQS page of the web site.

2) Try leaving the old set in place for a couple of hours after your 
set change. Some insulin will leak out of the old site wound when you 
remove the old set to early.

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