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Re: [IP] Advice on increasing MM 508 error messages?

> As far as going sky high for the next hour like you
> haven't been getting any
> insulin - you haven't, that's why your got the No
> Delivery alarm. It takes
> some pressure to set off the alarm and if you are
> not bolusing at that
> moment, your basal may not create enough pressure
> right away, therefore, no
> insulin until that pressure builds up.
Thanks Jan. I mentioned that possibility to the MM
rep, as the "no delivery" always happens as I'm
bolusing. He refused to concur that the basal might
not create enough pressure to necessarily trigger the
alarm right away. I've decided I'm basically done
caliing MM unless I have to. The amount of knowledge
and training their telephone customer service reps
have is appalling. And they also all sound like
they're 17 years old. 

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