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Re: [IP] doc search....

I was wondering, Does Medicaid cover visits to CDEs?  Because if it does, it 
may be that what you really need to be shopping for is a CDE that you really, 
really connect with (who works with a doc that you at least think is okay).  
With my daughter, what we've found is that it's the CDE and not the endo who 
is the best equipped (and most accessible) in providing support and guidance 
about day-to-day management issues.  Our endo is great, but her focus is more 
on seeing where where things are at a fixed point in time (what was her A1c, 
how do her sites look, what are the other test results, etc.) and then 
focusing on what's looking good, what may need some improvement, etc. -- and 
then it's the CDE who really helps with the practical education and ongoing 
support . . . This may not be any option for you, but if it is, I really 
think it may be a way for you to get the kind of help youre looking for . . .

Good luck!
Pumpmama to Katie
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