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Re: [IP] doc search....

At 02:12 PM 1/2/02 -0700, you wrote:
 >    Sounds like fun huh? anybody have any advice on what to ask to find 
out if
 >the doc is good or not? I am not looking forward to this...In fact, I am
 >pretty scared. I am afraid that I am going to choose a bad doc and put my 
 >at risk.

The most important quality for me in a doctor is humility.  The best 
doctors I've had truly believed that I knew more about how my body worked 
than they did.  Thus, they didn't try to tell me exactly what to do; 
rather, they made suggestions and let me work out the details.  For 
example, if my sugars were running low in the morning they would suggest 
that I lower my morning basals.  They'd let me figure out how much to lower 
them and for how long.

Unfortunately, this quality tends to be rare in M.D.s.

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