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[IP] doc search....

    Well gang...looks like I get to pull out the phone book and move the
finger down the page and call each doc I come across..."do you accept
Medicaid?"..."How is the doc with diabetes patients?"..."how is the doc with
diabetes patients on the pump?"....."How is the doc with diabetes patients on
the pump who are hard to control?"
    Sounds like fun huh? anybody have any advice on what to ask to find out if
the doc is good or not? I am not looking forward to this...In fact, I am
pretty scared. I am afraid that I am going to choose a bad doc and put my life
at risk. I asked my insurance...Medicaid, what docs they recommended, and they
told me to pull out the phone book...
    Oh...also I set the ball in motion with a complaint about my
ex-doc....Medicaid is going to call and get the details from me...
    Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice!

Cherry & Jubilee

Your suffering may make an angel weep into her wings,
but it will never make her walk away
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