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[IP] A1C

hi everyone,

since all the talk about what set is being used, i thought i mention that i 
switched to the QS from the SS.  the QS is much easier to me to insert 
since the adhesive is more than enough to keep it in place.  i had two bad 
experiences with the SS's with my clumbsie fingers pulling it out before i 
could apply the adhesive tape. on the a1c side of things, i've been pumping 
for a month and just had my first a1c results. previously i was 13.6 which 
seemed to be average for my past ten years of diabetes.  with the pump, i 
recorded my first a1c under 10, it was 8.2 and i am still adjusting to pump 
life.  my highs have been much lower and my lows are less frequent and with 
more finger sticks, i can track where i need to change my intake of carbs 
or correcting of them.  just a thanks to all of you who post on IP.  i 
learned alot and appreciate your advise.  by the way, i have a mini med 508 
and only had to call tech support once,  they answer my question without 
any holding time and also gave me a call back to be sure everything was ok.

john s
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