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[IP] Re: Sil-serter/do you like it?

After having to do five site changes last Friday with the Sof-sets (the
tip of the needle only went in on two; the other two I received "no
delivery" alarms and discovered the cannula was bent), my doctor said to
try the Silhouette.  I used the Sil-serter, and it seemed to work okay. 
On my next site change, I had to do it manually, because she only gave me
Silhouettes that couldn't be used with the Sil-Serter (I had one sample
Mini-Med sent with my pump a few weeks ago).  I could only get it in
halfway on the first attempt (I must have thick skin), so I pushed it in
the rest of the way.  It really hurt, and still hurts off and on a day
later.  However, with the Silhouettes I have noticed that my blood sugars
go high for a few hours after the site change (I have to do a correction
bolus).  I did prime the cannula with 1 unit.

I've never heard of standing up for site changes. Why is it beneficial? 
I'd switch in a heartbeat if it helps!

Ruth Stingley (almost 3 weeks on the pump--loving it, but disliking site
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