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Re: [IP] Advice on increasing MM 508 error messages?

> From: catherine popper <email @ redacted>
> I've been getting more "no delivery" alarms than usual
> lately and I haven't figured out why. After I clear
> the error msg from the screen, it goes back to normal,
> but I go sky high for the next hour and have to
> super-bolus, like I haven't been getting any insulin.

Since you were talking about New Year's Eve, were you dancing a lot and
worked up static electricity? That will sure do it. Did you get/give anyone
S.E. shocks - or perhaps when you got your coat off a metal hanger or
touched a doorknob?  That's S.E. you are carrying and needs to be discharged
and it's best to not discharge it in your pump.

As far as going sky high for the next hour like you haven't been getting any
insulin - you haven't, that's why your got the No Delivery alarm. It takes
some pressure to set off the alarm and if you are not bolusing at that
moment, your basal may not create enough pressure right away, therefore, no
insulin until that pressure builds up.

Keep a 1/3-1/2 sheet of USED-ONCE (to reduce greasiness/smell) fabric
softener sheet next to your pump to act like a lightning rod. This cold
weather makes it drier indoors and that creates more S.E. (~_^)

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