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[IP] Time Zones and matters of importance

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From: Karen Enochs <email @ redacted>
> You have no business talking about Wendy forgetting a time Zone. >There
are 5 time zones in the US. Alaska has it's own time zone and,
>yes, we are part of the United States!!!

Including Hawaii, isn't it 6????

Anyway, my BIIIIIGGGGG worry now, is that I've missed the semi-annual lancet
change, so should I change it now or wait until the next one???  :)

If I miss lancet changes TOO often, the 20 that I have will be a lifetime
supply!!!!!  :)  I pity the poor lancet companies -- how DO they make a

Getting semi-serious here --  two weeks ago, I ovulated, and COULDN'T get my
BGs down below 150 -- this  has never happened to me before (because I'm
pretty perimenopausal and haven't ovulated for a while), and LAST time I
ovulated, my body was able to take care of it.

Just when I think I have things pinned down, they change -- diabetes is a
hassle, isn't it????

Natalie ._c-
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