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[IP] Re: Insulin burning--CYA

Thank you Jim, for this great acronym, which I will remember!!  It seems 
whenever I ask for information, that is all I ever get--a CYA answer.  So I 
will ask you all here.  Will carrying Ultra One touch strips in my jacket 
pocket while skiing hurt them?  We are never outside for more than 2 hours, 
and so far the temperature hasn't been below -6 Celsius, so not too cold at 
all.  We go inside to do Claire's tests and within a few minutes the meter is 
always warm enough.  I don't have an inside zippered pocket, but could get 
busy and sew one in myself if necessary.   The CYA answer is, of course, 
don't carry them in a jacket pocket when skiing.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> While I'm sure the pharmacist meant well, this smacks of a CYA* answer.
> This person really did not address the issue you wrote about.  There are
> several other reasons that there may be burning sensation when you bolus,
> such as having the cannula in too deep (or not deep enough), possible
> reaction to Humalog, nicking a small blood vessel, and a few others.
> Not too helpful, IMHO.
> *CYA - cover your a**.
> Jim Handsfield
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